Heather Johnson

with Heather Johnson, MA, Registered Member (MBACP)


phone: 07813 742321


p_heatherHeather offers in- person counselling sessions in St. Davids as well as phone and Skype sessions for those at a distance. Her fees are £35 per 1- hour session.




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To inquire or book a consultation please e-mail using the contact form at the bottom of this page or call 07813 742321.

What I offer

What does your most natural self look like?
What will it take for you to be happy?

If you are ready to find the answers to those questions I can help. My work is to help you explore your inner landscape as well as guide you in establishing new patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. By developing and sustaining positive habits, you can transform your life and your relationship to yourself.

Originally from the US, I have lived in Pembrokeshire for the last 5 years, with my husband and two young sons. I am a qualified counsellor (MA, Registered Member MBACP) and hypnotherapist. I am also a certified hypnobirthing instructor. To see more about my professional background click here



What issues can you work on?

I have worked with people facing a wide variety of issues and circumstances. For example, people who

  • Want to shift lifelong poor self-esteem and self-worth
  • Have the desire for a more fulfilling job
  • Want clarity about whether to end a relationship
  • Want to know which direction to take next in life
  • Are unfulfilled and lacklustre but don’t know why
  • Want to feel less anxious and more grounded in themselves
  • Want to lose weight and feel vital again
  • Feel trapped by family responsibilities and want to feel more of a sense of self
  • Want to stop compulsive thinking and worrying
  • Want to attract the right relationship and also feel content to be alone
  • Want to stop an unhealthy or addictive behavior
  • Have a creative project that they would like to begin or complete
  • Would like greater creative expression but don’t know where to start

Counselling sessions
Depending on your particular needs, your sessions may involve one or a combination of the following : counselling (listening, exploring & clarifying), coaching (asking directive questions and moving toward a goal), and hypnotherapy (guided imagery and positive suggestions). I will help you explore what is currently going on for you—your emotions, life challenges, and self-concept- as well as what you want, and how you would like to improve your life. By using guided imagery and hypnotherapy tools, I can help bolster your motivation and belief in yourself.  Coaching, if you choose to utilise it,  helps you stick to the goals you set for yourself, making success and positive change much more likely. In your initial consultation we can determine which approach is right for you, and also whether I am a good match for your needs at this time.

Contemplative (transpersonal) Counselling

For those who are spiritually or philosophically inclined, I offer a counselling experience that recognises the mystery and depth that is a human being. This work begins with awareness of the soul or higher Self (however you wish to term it), and the spiritual purpose of life which is transcendence of the ego or false self. These sessions will implicitly draw upon the wisdom of the world’s contemplative and mystical traditions from East and West. This larger framework will inform how we understand the journey of the Self through life, and what it is trying to accomplish through your particular life circumstances and struggles.
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