After the Storm


After the Storm…..what next?

Storm Ciara left a trail of chaos in her wake….we got off lightly  in my home town, but just a few miles away serious damage was done.

This brought to mind the way in which storms in our personal lives can leave a legacy too.  When we experience a trauma, a major change or an injury, the body and subconscious mind try to protect us and carries on with that pattern long after the “storm” has passed.  This can be useful, but sometimes can hold us back.

A physical example of this is when after knee or hip surgery or a broken leg, for instance, the body has had to recruit other muscles in order for a person to be able to walk – this can lead to tension in the muscles, uneven posture and limited movement – I had this a few years ago when I broke a leg and was on crutches – it took a good few sessions of therapy to release my shoulder muscles and get me walking evenly on both feet again.

I often have clients who are recovering from hip or knee surgery and need a little work in order to move freely again, they commonly have a problem on the opposite leg, which has been the one bearing the weight during recovery.

Kinesiology is a great therapy for getting posture balanced and even after physical trauma, and can really help with achieving easier walking or “gait”.  It also helps release the emotional trauma associated with the injury or surgery, allowing us to make confident progress and movement.

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