Alex Marsden

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Phone 07870 850167


Alex offers counselling sessions in St.Davids and Narberth as well as Skype sessions for those at a distance. His fees are £45 per session (individual)

£65 per session (couples)

What I offer

I am an experienced Adlerian practitioner, trainer and life coach. I offer a wide range of approaches that can be used in conjunction with Classical Adlerian therapy.

We can work together to create a solution-focused package ideally tailored to your needs. All therapy is client led allowing for a collaborative relationship aimed at helping you to achieve your goals. I work with individuals and couples. You can learn to develop more useful behaviours, deal with emotional pain, low self esteem, addiction, loss and many other issues.

Adlerian Therapy is a powerful tool for healing and change. It is a common sense approach with its roots deeply grounded in human experience. Alfred Adler was a pioneer of the holistic approach to well-being. His ideas underpin many contemporary therapies such as Person Centred, Humanistic, CBT, Family constellation work and many more.

It works on a simple yet effective formulae: INSIGHT + ACTION = CHANGE

How personal counselling can help

Counselling can help in many ways, sometimes it can be good to have someone impartial to talk to, to unburden and let go of issues that are troubling us. It can also be useful to explore unhelpful behaviours, reactions and habits such as addictions, phobias, anger issues and disordered eating.

We might need help in understanding what is going on for us in relationship to others, work colleagues, family members or dealing with grief, loss depression or sudden changes at work, home or in our personal life.

When we feel stuck or dissatisfied, Counselling can be used in conjunction with coaching to help move us forwards, to help us achieve our goals and fulfil our true potential in life.

Whatever the issue, counselling can be used fruitfully to gain insight and movement. Everyone deserves some quality time to look at their life and make it happier healthier and more fulfilling.

Couples counselling

Couples work can be beneficial whether or not you are experiencing difficulties in your relationship. Greater self awareness and insight into the emotional life of our loved ones is always helpful in promoting deeper intimacy.

When conflict exists in a relationship it can be easy for disconnection to grow leading to one or both of us feeling ‘unseen’ or misunderstood.

Relationships are mediated by our unique perceptions, which evolve throughout our lifetime and are shaped by our early experiences of love and intimacy in our family of origin. Adlerian therapy is designed to help us examine our feelings and beliefs in an atmosphere of equality and encouragement.

In couples work we re-establish empathetic communication using the principles of Non Violent communication as developed by Marshall Rosenberg Phd. We explore unhelpful perceptions and projections that may be hindering the closeness and intimacy we desire.

What issues can you work on?

All Addiction

Affairs & Betrayals

Anger Management



Bipolar Disorder/Manic Depression


Career related issues


Eating disorders

Family Issues

Gender dysphoria

Hearing voices


Low self-esteem

About me

I am actively involved in the promotion of mental health and well being across the UK and sit on a number of educational and charitable committees including ASW (the Adlerian Society of Wales), ASIIP (UK society for Adlerian psychology) and IIP (The institute for individual psychology).


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