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Howard Martin Psychotherapy and Coun...


Welcome You may be facing a difficult time in your life at the moment and looking for help and support. Are you feeling anxious, uncertain, depressed or generally unhappy? Having sexual or relationship issues? Perhaps you are trapped in patterns of behaviour or addictions that feel out of control? Sometimes we feel unable to talk […]

One Year Sober


Exactly one year ago today I had my last alcoholic drink. I gave up because I thought I had a problem, and I’ve read that if you think you have problem, you almost certainly do. I had been thinking about stopping for over a year before that, and, if I’m honest, I think there was […]

Are you interested in energy & h...

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This is a 1-day workshop for anyone who would like to learn more about energy and healing. In this experiential workshop you will Discover ways of working with energy Learn how to be grounded Learn ways of developing your extrasensory perception (ESP) Learn a simple hands-on healing technique to use with family and friends. No previous […]






Relax, Restore, Revive with a Reflexology Treatment. Wednesday evenings.