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6 Month Yoga Philosophy Course

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Many of you have been talking to me about how much this term’s theme of Abhyasa & Vairagya has been helping you. I am so glad about that – teaching it has helped me enormously too. I’ve just completed Year 1 of a 4-year Yoga Sutra course, and would like to run a monthly Yoga Philosophy […]

100 Days


Having just reached 100 days without alcohol I thought I’d reach out to those of you doing Dry January, congratulate you, and hope you keep going for 9 more days. Well done. If you are thinking of continuing, say until Easter, my advice is DO IT. It gets easier and easier and your life will improve, trust […]

Spiritual Health Mentor

Spiritual Health Mentor

A new development in the expanding range that we offer here at St Davids Wellbeing is the addition of a Spiritual Heath Mentor. Jayne MacGregor brings her wealth of experience to our team from February 2019, offering Spiritual Health Mentoring. Click to the links find out more about Jayne and about Spiritual Health Mentoring on the website pages, and book […]

Introducing Solid Foods Workshop: 7 &...

Introducing Solid Foods Workshop: 7 – 9 months

At seven to nine months your baby may be ready to try mashed  or lumpy foods and will be able to hold finger foods. It will soon be time to put away the blender and use a fork or a masher instead! This workshop will look at creating meals that have small, soft lumps in a thicker […]


healthy women

Spend a morning with Lisa and Kate learning how to support yourself after pregnancy and throughout the menopause. Lisa will offer specific postural advice about the female pelvis, including a short home yoga practice, which may help reduce or prevent stress incontinence, prolapse and hip problems. Kate will give nutritional advice for postnatal & menopausal […]