Coaching and Soul Making

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Coaching and Soulmaking

Steve Thorp has worked for over 20 years facilitating deep conversations with individuals, groups and couples. He is particularly focused on working in an integrated, holistic, ecological ways to support individual and organisational development.

Steve says: “I work flexibly with three elements of the self –  the social self, which includes our relationships and engagement with our human communities; our ecological self, which deals with our connection with the Earth; and our original ‘soul’ self, which includes our personality, calling and life direction.  All three carry the potential for pain, problems and blockages, but also for development, growth, engagement and happiness. 

Addressing all three dimensions is essential to living authentically in today’s challenging, ever-changing world. We will all need to find courageous ways of surviving and thriving in times that are uncertain and challenging – to be, as Margaret Wheatley puts it: “Warriors for the human spirit”.”

If you’d like to work with Steve through his soul making work and coaching, please contact him at


Just had a wonderful massage……..thank you very much Sue Mcleod…….it was just what I needed and can’t wait until next time
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