Energy Healing



Energy healing is a way of promoting wellness by working with the subtle (non-physical) energies of the human body.

I practise a form of energy healng called Auric Field Regeneration. This is a type of Lightwork based on the system described in the book ‘Hands of Light.’
It’s a way of channelling energy and consciously directing it to create beneficial changes in the Human Energy Field (HEF), or ‘Aura.’
The HEF contains our Body, Mind and Spirit levels of consciousness, and is intended to be a self-regulating system, naturally calibrated for health. However, life experiences, that cause us fear, pain, shock, trauma, sadness, etc. can cause disturbances in the system, throwing it off balance. When these issues are not fully resolved, it creates blockages in the natural flow of Life Force energy, and distortions in the energy field which then manifest as mental, physical and emotional symptoms in our lives.
Auric Field Regeneration is a way of bringing the whole system back into balance and allowing healthy integration of unresolved issues.

I’ll do a simple case-taking and we’ll discuss the issue to be worked on then establish where in the body the energy block is located, before you receive your healing.
Auric Field Regeneration involves the use of touch, which is therapeutic in itself, and any hands-on (or distance) healing work is done with you lying down on a treatment couch, fully clothed.
The work may be done over one or more sessions depending on what’s needed.

Some of the techniques I use include: chakra balancing, emotional clearing, astral healing, inner child, relationship cord and past life healing as well as many others.
Overall, Auric Field Regeneration is a fantastic way of stepping into the realisation of who you truly are. It can help you regain a sense of clarity, wellbeing, empowerment and help you align with your life purpose.
It is suitable for everyone regardless of age or beliefs and complements all other systems of orthodox or alternative healing.

Sessions cost £45 and last approximately 1 hour.


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“I had a blissful 1 hour reflexology treatment with Kathryn this evening & was left feeling totally stress free. It’s incredible how relaxed the entire body becomes with reflexology with only the feet being touched, even more so than a full body massage. Highly recommend.”