Fearless Living for Health

Health and wellbeing are terms used everywhere these days in education, the workplace and in fact everywhere we shop and eat and meet people. But what that actually means is rarely clear, and it’s often a way of selling us something that we already have, or know, or are doing.

At St Davids Wellbeing we believe that your health and wellbeing is fully holistic. It isn’t usually enough to simply exercise or eat well, and it isn’t just about being free from disease, it’s about looking at all aspects of your life, making sure they are in balance, and addressing the areas which aren’t.


Serena and Lisa have developed an 8-route approach which comes from decades of them both working with groups teaching Yoga, meditation, Ayurveda and Fearless Speaking.

Our 8 Routes to Health are:

  1. Food – regular mealtimes, max out on veggies, reduce caffeine and alcohol, cut out sugar
  2. Sleep – developing good patterns, napping
  3. Movement – yoga, walking in nature, wild swimming
  4. The Mind – meditation, practising gratitude
  5. Relationships – family, community, work
  6. Work – do what you love, money, life-work balance
  7. Relaxation and Leisure – having fun, community, something new
  8. Technology – digital detox, support or hindrance?

These are 8 directions to the same place – to a happier you. Using yoga philosophy from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, and some basic Ayurvedic principles, you will learn how to use the above routes to support you, and discover what you need (& can) let go of.

Fearless Living can be done on a 1:1 basis, but is ideally explored in a group of 8 over 2 days. We use Pen Rhiw Hotel www.penrhiwhotel.com in St Davids for private group retreats as the the stunning location provides everything we need. We can be in nature, eat locally sourced food, and go wild swimming if you choose to! It also means our excellent practitioners are on hand to meet your individual needs.

Please get in touch for availability and prices on 07960 702576 or lisa@stdavidswellbeing.co.uk

Feb St Davids 2016 Whitesands Beach



Day 2 of annual leave and feel relaxed following a reflexology treatment with Kathryn. Kath will be starting treatment sessions in St David’s well-being centre on Wednesday evenings. I cannot recommend her enough.