Homeopathy is a gentle and effective holistic therapy based on the principle “like cures like”. The homeopath matches a remedy to your symptoms in order to promote the natural tendency of the body to heal itself.

The Holistic Approach

Homeopathy uses a holistic approach by treating the person as a whole. The homeopath will take a detailed case history of your symptoms and look at how you experience your illness. This individual approach will enable the homeopath to find a remedy that matches your particular symptoms.

Treating “like with like”

Homeopathy has been used for over 200 years as a safe and effective means of treating ill health. It is based on the principle that a substance that can cause symptoms in a healthy person can be used to treat a person suffering from similar symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies

The remedies are made mainly from minerals, plants and metals that have been found by careful and detailed experimentation (homeopathic “provings”) to produce certain symptoms in healthy individuals. The remedies are specially prepared and ultra diluted in a homeopathic pharmacy. The remedy is given to you in tablet, liquid or powder form.

As homeopathic remedies are ultra-diluted and do not cause side effects they are considered safe for use during pregnancy, whilst breast feeding and also safe for babies and small children through to elderly and chronically ill or depleted patients.


The initial consultation will usually last for at least an hour while follow up appointments may be shorter. In a chronic, long-standing condition you may expect to see your homeopath at least once a month  for three months. Depending on progress, follow up appointments may then be spaced out at longer intervals.

Your homeopath

Katy Davies RSHom.LicWSH is a homeopath registered and insured by the Society of Homeopaths. Katy studied for four years at the Welsh School of Homeopathy and obtained her diploma and licence to practice in June of 2017. Katy likes to work with clients at all life stages from babies to the elderly, from acute symptoms through to longer standing complaints.

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