Howard Martin



You may be facing a difficult time in your life at the moment and looking for help and support. Are you feeling anxious, uncertain, depressed or generally unhappy? Having sexual or relationship issues? Perhaps you are trapped in patterns of behaviour or addictions that feel out of control?

Sometimes we feel unable to talk things through with friends and family and want to speak to someone who is not personally involved. That’s where I can help as a psychotherapist. I can work with you by providing a space in which you can talk about and understand your situation and think about possible changes. Together, we can identify underlying themes and patterns of behaviour that get in the way of a happy and productive way of life. I can support you in achieving the life, relationships and well-being you wish for.

About me

I’m a qualified and experienced UKCP therapist offering short and long-term therapy at St David’s Wellbeing Centre. I work with a variety of issues including depression, anxiety, stress, sexual and relationship issues.

Through successfully dealing with my own personal difficulties and training in Counselling and Psychotherapy I have gained an understanding of how best to help different people with different characters. Each person is unique and therefore no single approach suits all.

What’s the difference between Counselling and Psychotherapy?

This is a *very* generalised description of what is complex to describe! Generally speaking, Counselling tends to be more short-term and does not go as much into your past than Psychotherapy. Psychotherapy tends to be more long-term and focuses on the past as much as the present, looking at the personality in more depth. I am trained in both Counselling and Psychotherapy so I use the word “therapy” to cover both and can work to whatever duration or depth you require.

My approach is Integrative which means I have been trained in several theoretical approaches and use whatever approach would be appropriate for you. These include C.B.T. (Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy), Person-Centred Counselling, Humanistic and Psychoanalytic.

How does therapy work and how can it help me?

We can all face problems in life and therapy can offer a safe haven at challenging times. I would provide a safe, supportive, non-judgmental and confidential space to explore whatever you need to talk about. This process allows you to clarify your thoughts and look at yourself and your story with acceptance and understanding. This enables you to contact inner resources and energy that you may have lost touch with. Therapy helps you to recognise how the helpful and unhelpful ways you relate to yourself and others. These patterns can come from helpful and unhelpful aspects of your earlier relationships and experiences.

I aim to help you gain awareness of unconscious thoughts, feelings and desires that may be having negative impacts on your daily life and turn these into positives.

Please get in touch with me to arrange an initial appointment on

07766 601630

I operate a sliding scale of £45 – £65 depending on ability to pay.


Day 2 of annual leave and feel relaxed following a reflexology treatment with Kathryn. Kath will be starting treatment sessions in St David’s well-being centre on Wednesday evenings. I cannot recommend her enough.