Indian Head Massage

Penassage dates back over 3000 years, it is a practice that has been taught and handed down through generations of Indian family life.

It is a treatment that is given over clothes and incorporates the shoulders, upper back and arms as well as the scalp and face.

Treatment is approx (45 mins) £35

All the therapies offered have amazing benefits, from deep relaxation, improved mobility, stress relief, reduced muscle tension, improvements to sleep patterns, improved mood and a general sense of health and wellbeing.


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I first visited Amanda in January 2017. Instantly I was put at ease and made to feel comfortable. She has such a friendly and relaxing manner, whilst always remaining professional. I went for various things, including sinus problems, an abnormality in the liver and also problems with my stomach (IBS). Homeopathy has literally helped to transform my wellbeing. My stomach problems are now a thing of the past, and my sinuses are significantly better than before homeopathy. I’d chose to visit Amanda…
Amanda Clifford - Homeopath