Introducing Solid Foods Workshop: 7 – 9 months

At seven to nine months your baby may be ready to try mashed  or lumpy foods and will be able to hold finger foods.

It will soon be time to put away the blender and use a fork or a masher instead! This workshop will look at creating meals that have small, soft lumps in a thicker purée.

We will cover a range of handy tips to help you wean on the go so whether you are visiting friends, off to the beach or just out and about there will be plenty of advice.

How much does the course cost?

The cost of the workshop is £15.00 and includes recipes, samples and refreshments.  When time allows there will be a hands on practical session, whizzing up simple meals using seasonal produce. Parents are asked to bring bibs and either a car seat or pushchair in order for the baby to be safe and secure whilst they sample some of the foods that are prepared or to allow parents  to take part in the practical part of the workshop.

Please ask for more information when you enquire about making a booking