Kate Bishop


Kate Bishop BA(Hons) IKC

Kate’s main therapy is Touch For Health Kinesiology, and she qualified as a Practitioner in 2007, an Instructor in 2010 and a Consultant in 2015.  She works with a wide range of issues including:

  • Postural alignment, muscle pain and injury, rehabilitation after surgery (eg; hip or knee replacement)
  • sleep issues, anxiety, stress, trauma, tension
  • digestive issues and the causes of food intolerance
  • Stress-related illness
  • General lack of energy, motivation or mood swings
  • Supporting clients through cancer treatment and side effects

Her other therapy is Facial Rejuvenation Massage – a relaxing, pampering massage of shoulders, neck, ears, scalp and face –working on acupressure points. This can help with jaw, neck, face and head tension  – a deeply nurturing treatment.



Amanda has a lovely relaxed nature. She has been treating the whole family since her third year at college. The space is always safe and inviting and the results for us all have been great, healing insomnia, hormonal problems, chronic ear infections, autistic spectrum, anxiety and depression, together with a myriad of acute prescriptions from sore throats to the common cold and flu.