Kate Bishop


Kate Bishop BA(Hons) IKC  – Kinesiology

Kate’s main therapy is Touch For Health Kinesiology, and she qualified as a Practitioner in 2007, an Instructor in 2010 and a Consultant in 2015.  She works with a wide range of issues including:

  • Postural alignment, muscle pain and injury, rehabilitation after surgery (eg; hip or knee replacement)
  • sleep issues, anxiety, stress, trauma, tension
  • digestive issues and the causes of food intolerance
  • Stress-related illness
  • General lack of energy, motivation or mood swings
  • Supporting clients through cancer treatment and side effects

Her other therapy is Facial Rejuvenation Massage – a relaxing, pampering massage of :

shoulders, neck, ears, scalp and face –working on acupressure points. This can help with jaw, neck, face and head tension  – a deeply nurturing treatment.



Mainly want to thank you so much for contributing to what was an amazingly relaxed and quiet birth – I am convinced I wouldn’t have had the mental strength to do it at the MLU without your advice and my practice – as it was I did and I am so so grateful for that positive birth experience. Many many thanks to you and best wishes to all. Laura.
Yoga for Pregnancy and Birth