Kate Iceton


Kate Iceton BSc (Honours) Health, Nutrition and Lifestyle, is a member of the Institute of Nutrition and a member of the Public Health Network Cymru.  She currently works in a preventative role on a 1:1 and group basis with individuals of all ages.


Her approach looks at investigating the relationship between population groups and nutrients,  looking at how diet affects metabolism, examining the process of nourishment and the association between diet, disease and health,  providing health advice and promoting healthy eating and educating individuals and the public about nutrition.

Kate Offers:

1:1 Nutritional Consultations and Nutritious Cookery Workshops

07435 276444


Mainly want to thank you so much for contributing to what was an amazingly relaxed and quiet birth – I am convinced I wouldn’t have had the mental strength to do it at the MLU without your advice and my practice – as it was I did and I am so so grateful for that positive birth experience. Many many thanks to you and best wishes to all. Laura.
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