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Kinesiology works on the Chinese 5 Element system, as is used in acupuncture, and focuses on balancing the body’s meridian energy.  This means that at physical symptom can have an emotional element to it, and by releasing or acknowledging the emotional context, some physical symptoms can be relieved.

Every meridian has its time of day or night too, so often by “balancing” the meridian energies, sleep disturbance can be reduced and better, more energising sleep can be achieved.

Kinesiology uses muscle testing to gather feedback from the body and in TFH kinesiology 42 muscles can be used, giving a broad insight into what is going on in the body and subconscious.

Kate uses kinesiology to address a wide range pf physical and emotional Issues.


Amanda has a lovely relaxed nature. She has been treating the whole family since her third year at college. The space is always safe and inviting and the results for us all have been great, healing insomnia, hormonal problems, chronic ear infections, autistic spectrum, anxiety and depression, together with a myriad of acute prescriptions from sore throats to the common cold and flu.