Marianne Violet

Marianne Violet

I am a trained energy healer and practice a method of healing called Auric Field Regeneration which is based on the system described in the book ‘Hands of Light’.
I’ve been interested in what lies beyond the material world for as long as I can remember but it took me many years to overcome conditioning and expectations and realise that this is the work I was born to do.
I qualified in 2002, from the School of Energy Healing and taught there until I had my youngest child. I simultaneously had a career in the NHS, but working with energy was always my passion, so, inevitably I gave it all up and moved to west Wales.
I committed a lot of time to refining my own life expression and searching for authentic ways of channelling healing energy. It was hard work, fun, crazy at times, but rewarding. I learned a lot, made enduring friendships and acquired skills that continue to complement my life and my practice.
Currently, I integrate into my life the paths of Qi Gong, Bio Energy Meditation, and Sacred Ceremonial teachings of the Americas. I love to express myself through sound and movement  and I consider it a privilege to help others learn to uncover their Essence.
Today, my healership extends beyond the definitions of modality or training. It’s the culmination of my whole life experience and my personal expression of the interface between Spirit and matter.
I believe that painful life initiations (of which I’ve had my share), are the raw materials for cultivating compassion and growth, and that genuine spirituality embraces the healing power of humour.
I deeply respect the courage it takes to embark on a healing journey and I hope that together we can build a space of trust so that you feel accepted and safe enough to be fully yourself.

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I first visited Amanda in January 2017. Instantly I was put at ease and made to feel comfortable. She has such a friendly and relaxing manner, whilst always remaining professional. I went for various things, including sinus problems, an abnormality in the liver and also problems with my stomach (IBS). Homeopathy has literally helped to transform my wellbeing. My stomach problems are now a thing of the past, and my sinuses are significantly better than before homeopathy. I’d chose to visit Amanda…
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