Meditation Group Thursday 7am

Meditation is included in some of the classes and therapies offered by Lisa, Elizabeth, Jayne, Prem, Heather and Serena in St Davids Wellbeing. This is because meditation is considered to be hugely beneficial for our physical, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.

Many of us at St Davids Wellbeing try and meditate daily but acknowledge that it’s sometimes hard to do. So, we decided to meet up every Thursday morning at 7am in summer and 8am in winter (changing with the clocks) to meditate together. There is a short yoga practice at 6.30/7.30am for those who would like to prepare their body beforehand.

You are very welcome to join us! You do not need to book, there is no charge and no previous experience of meditating is necessary. All we ask is for a small donation to the running of the centre.

Each week we take it in turns to lead, so you have a chance to experience different approaches. Whatever the format you will be guided towards sitting comfortably, in silence, for 20 minutes.

We very much look forward to meeting you X

Meditation Group Thursday 7am

Meditation Group Thursday 7am/8am