Natural Pregnancy and Birth


Natural Pregnancy & Birth 4 week Courses – starting in May 2016 at St Davids Wellbeing with:

Antenatal Yoga – Teacher Lisa Smith

Hypnobirthing Instructor – Heather Johnson

Antenatal Reflexologist – Bethan James-Jones

Trainee-Doula – Amanda Clifford

On this course individuals and couples learn about:

  • Postures for pregnancy and labour
  • The stages of labour and how to support the mother
  • Breathing techniques
  • Relaxation and looking after yourself
  • Using positive affirmations, visualisation and meditation
  • Hormones associated with pregnancy & labour
  • Nutrition and breastfeeding
  • Philosophy for pregnancy and parenting
  • Reflexology for pregnancy

It also gives you time to relax and spend time with other expectant parents

10am – 1pm on Sundays

With Lisa Smith, Heather Johnson and Bethan James-Jones

£160 per couple

Hypnobirthing birth preparation classes
Heather has been teaching birth preparation courses in Pembrokeshire since 2010. She trained with the HypnoBirthing Institute founded by Marie Mongan, and for several years taught the 5-week long HypnoBirthing course to groups of pregnant women and their partners.   Since then she has developed her own way of teaching birth preparation which incorporates tools such as positive imagery and self-hypnosis, but also coaches women to to explore their own emotions, fears and hopes around childbirth.  She teaches a 4-session course to individuals, couples and groups that includes the following components:
Emotional/ Inner Self: Processing your emotions around birth, finding your own creative imagery, exploring fears, self-perception
Educational: what happens during labour, influence of birth environment, due dates and induction, coping strategies for labour
Relaxation training: use of positive imagery, basics of self-hypnosis, breathing techniques, the connection between fear, tension and physical pain, how stress affects the labour process, endorphins and how the body works for you in labour.

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I first visited Amanda in January 2017. Instantly I was put at ease and made to feel comfortable. She has such a friendly and relaxing manner, whilst always remaining professional. I went for various things, including sinus problems, an abnormality in the liver and also problems with my stomach (IBS). Homeopathy has literally helped to transform my wellbeing. My stomach problems are now a thing of the past, and my sinuses are significantly better than before homeopathy. I’d chose to visit Amanda…
Amanda Clifford - Homeopath