Ryan Naish



Movement and exploring the body’s full potential has always been a huge part of Ryan’s adult life

Each decade has seen a shift in outlook and a change in philosophy

His early adult years were spent competing in various sporting disciplines: Boxing, Rugby and Endurance sports

At Nineteen, Ryan joined the Armed Forces and spent the majority of his Twenties as a soldier in The Parachute Regiment, qualifying as a Physical training instructor, coaching recruits and trained soldiers

His Thirties were spent working around the world, exploring various training and movement protocols and developing a lifestyle philosophy called The Primal Pathway 

With all his years of knowledge and experience, Ryan feels passionately about sharing this philosophy to benefit others.  Learning to move better, improving practical skills and connecting people with their natural surroundings


Website: http://www.PrimalPathway.life

Email: Move@primalpathway.life

Call: 07525920673

Primal squat loong white
Movnat trainer


Thanks for yesterday.  Just for the record – wow – my hips have been immediately liberated by the new moves.  Thanks.  I’m telling you now as I will have adapted by the next time I see you!