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I live just outside St Davids, and have been a professional actress just about all of my working life; I am probably best known for playing Rowan Atkinson’s put-upon girlfriend, Sgt Patricia Dawkins in BBC’s “The Thin Blue Line “, but I have spent most of my career working in live theatre, with the RSC, The Royal National Theatre, Shakespeare’s Globe and many other theatres up and down the country.

My mission (and it IS a mission) is to help those who have to stand up and talk in front of others to feel OK; I want you to know and experience that you are enough, just as you are. I would like to help you to learn the skills (and they are learnable skills) of connecting with your body and your heart, so that you can access your natural charismatic storytelling qualities. I believe that we need to hear EVERYONE’s stories, not just those of the ‘confident ‘ people.

Having suffered from stage fright all my working life, I have developed workshops that are very suitable for people who would rather do ANYTHING than present, and who, consequently, may be underselling themselves in their lives and work. Of course the workshops are also extremely useful for those rare individuals who actually ENJOY going out there!!

Learning to communicate well is not about tricks or new skills, it is about returning to a place when we connected our breath, our bodies, our eyes, and our hearts; when we were willing to connect with others and to say what we felt & what we thought (which was probably somewhere around the age of two!).

I think a workshop is a very good place to learn and practice, and receive helpful feedback, but I also do 1:1 sessions, if you have something particular to work on. I can help with auditions, interviews , upcoming speeches, PLUS all the fear and anxiety that those things might bring up!!



Just had a wonderful massage……..thank you very much Sue Mcleod…….it was just what I needed and can’t wait until next time
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