Soul Making

33. Steve poemSoulmaking is deep, developmental work offered by Steve Thorp.

Steve offers soulful conversations and courses that focus on helping you find yourself, fulfil yourself and grow yourself in this troubled and  beautiful world. This might involve working to support you in your wellbeing, spirituality, creativity, activism, art – or a combination of all these.

Soulmaking involves working with three elements of the self –  the social self: our relationships and engagement with our human communities; our ecological self: our connection with the earth and nature; and our soul self: our original character, calling and life direction.

All three are essential to living authentically in today’s world. Working with all three is what makes up the developmental task of soulmaking. 

Steve writes: “The Integral Life people talk about the three tasks of Waking Up, Growing Up and Showing Up. It’s a nice way of putting it – reflecting the need for all of us to find courageous ways of surviving and thriving in uncertain challenging times  – to become, as Margaret Wheatley has put it: ‘Warriors for the human spirit’”.

If you’d like to work with Steve through his soul making courses and coaching, please contact him at


Amanda has a lovely relaxed nature. She has been treating the whole family since her third year at college. The space is always safe and inviting and the results for us all have been great, healing insomnia, hormonal problems, chronic ear infections, autistic spectrum, anxiety and depression, together with a myriad of acute prescriptions from sore throats to the common cold and flu.