Inner Life Exploration

Jayne MacGregor

Jayne MacGregor

Inner life exploration is a way to connect with our unique self – the treasure within – which we need to recover and perhaps discover for the first time. Jayne has guided, helped and accompanied many people over the years in their search for wholeness, healing, self-discovery and their relationship with the Divine ‘Other’ and the Deep Self. She is a licensed and practising Spiritual Mentor, with the Diploma in Spirituality and Wellbeing (Spiritual Companions Trust).

Jayne offers the following:

  • Guidance and support in growth of soul and spirit.
  • Teaching and assistance in establishing meditation and other spiritual practices.
  • Help and support in exploring and navigating the inner life.
  • Small group and retreat work

Jayne can see people in person in St Davids, or via Skype.
Her fees are £35 per one hour session (concessions available).

What would happen in a session?

In a typical session, I would support you through careful listening and gentle enquiry, seeking to fully understand your personal story and circumstances. We would discuss your spiritual path and look at practices and ways in which your inner life can be developed as a means of growth for yourself. We are all on a journey of increasing spiritual emergence as our true self is gradually revealed.

Please get in touch via email –
Or by phone – 01437 720131 / 07491 985180



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