Spring Yoga & Nutrition Workshop – with Lisa & Kate

Spring Yoga & Nutrition Workshop – Friday 27th April 2018

 A day to open up and embrace the arrival of spring.

In Yoga the 4 parts of the breath are often compared to the 4 seasons. It begins with the exhale which is like the autumn – in nature everything begins to withdraw and disappear. This is followed by a pause, a stillness in the breath (the ‘BK’) and during winter trees and plants stand bare. The arrival of SPRING is likened to the INHALATION when everything comes alive again, stunning flowers appear on our coastal paths,  the birds return from their migration, and we OPEN UP. The summer is compared to another pause in the breath (the ‘AK’) and again, there’s a sense of waiting in nature while everything hangs there, in full bloom, just for a while.

Many believe that spring and autumn are the main events – the times in the year when stuff happens, and we can make changes too. The spring is about expansion – so if you wish to expand or seek growth this year, please join us for this this SPRING YOGA workshop where the focus will be on backbends and the inhalation.


  • Yoga practices to open up, focus on backbends
  • Breathing practice, focus on inhalation and the pause after (AK)
  • Presentation and discussion on backbends and the relevance to the inhalation in pranayama
  • Nourishing SEASONAL vegetarian lunch with handouts and discussion on the benefits of eating in tune with the year.

£45 – 8 places available

For more information call Lisa on 07960 702576 or email via the link below.

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