Primal Movement

The Primal Pathway is aPrimal badge lifestyle philosophy which aims to help people move better, improve practical skills and increase connection with the natural surroundings

The primary focus at St Davids Wellbeing is Primal Movement for classes; workshops will incorporate all elements as well as getting outside on the coastal path to put the skills to use.

Being able to move well is a true gauge of health and wellness irrespective of age. The Chinese proverb “You are as old as your spine” rings true as it controls all of our movement patterns

We become good at what we do most of the time…if we sit in a bad posture for long periods at work or home, we inevitably become an expert in that

Take back control of your body by relearning fundamental human movement patterns and develop skills that you were born with: squat, hip hinge, deep knee bend, balance, crawl, pull, push…

IMG_3865Learn full body mobility routines and functional strength methods that can be practiced and incorporated at home

This style of natural movement differs from other holistic approaches such as yoga and pilates as some of the exercises involve partner work (competitive cooperation) and we will use the full area of the studio to incorporate the fundamental movement patterns. These approaches all complement each other and will work in synergy to create a more capable human

Primal MovementEverything is scalable and achievable and as demanding as you make it, both mentally and physically…not to mention a lot of fun!

The Sessions are strictly limited to 10 people and will be advertised on this website and on Facebook. Additional sessions can be arranged both indoors and out and if you would like to create your own group of likeminded friends, drop me an email.

For an insight into my Primal Pathway philosophy and to see the other elements it involves visit: email:


Thanks for yesterday.  Just for the record – wow – my hips have been immediately liberated by the new moves.  Thanks.  I’m telling you now as I will have adapted by the next time I see you!