Wild About Pembrokeshire

dried seaweed

I LOVE seaweeds!

They are amazing … they can contain twice as much Vitamin C as orange juice, more calcium than cow’s milk, masses more iron than spinach and more protein than eggs. They are full of minerals, contain all trace elements and energy needed for human life and health and best of all, they’re on OUR doorstep!
I live in St Davids and run Foraging Courses and Walks on the seashore, estuary, coast and inland throughout much of the year. I take out adults, children, family and privately organised groups and help them identify and discover the uses of plants and seaweeds so that they can be used in cooking, cosmetics and for health.
Without realising it, we have almost all eaten, or used a product that includes seaweed in some form, but now there is an opportunity to get a bit more up close and personal with it. Far removed from childhood memories of slimy, smelly, slippery seaweed, you can find out how to love and benefit from the species that we find around our coast.
I also have a natural, hand made soap business -The Really Wild Soap Company. It is environmentally sustainable and uses seaweeds and plants picked locally, plus ingredients sourced from nearby producers, such as honey, beer and chocolate, in its soap manufacture.

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Some testimonials…
Hello Julia,
We both really enjoyed our beach safari. Thanks for your patience with far-from-agile townies. 
Ali has the fruits of your picking (she keeps saying how grateful she was for your acrobatic foraging) presently in the oven at a very low “drying” setting. I’ll keep you posted on how things progress! (Chris Hirst, The Independent).

I just wanted to say how professional the whole day felt.  You have a lovely informal manner,  but your knowledge and preparation delivered a delightful learning experience which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Mark and I really loved the experience which has given another dimension to our walks and visits to Pembrokeshire and in our area. Thanks again for the great foraging session and enthusiastic company, it was a little ray of sunshine…
I found yesterday very fascinating, interesting and highly entertaining. I’ll recommend your courses to friends and colleagues who venture to these parts.
Thank you very much for the walk last night; it was a fun filled evening with a lot of laughs and entertainment!

“Julia’s kitchen is well stocked with Kilner jars full of colourful dried seaweed, and looks a bit like a mermaid’s sweet shop.” Land Love magazine
I just wanted to touch base as we have received some fantastic feedback from Andrew Purvis (Daily Telegraph Ultratravel) following his stay last weekend. He found the trip fascinating and had no idea that so many edible things grew in such a localised area and really enjoyed foraging with you.