Workshops & Teacher Training Courses

Art of Viniyoga – Yoga Foundation Course

September – November 2018


Spring 2018 with Lisa Smith

  • Equivalent to BWY Foundation Course
  • Perfect for experienced students and teachers trained in other approaches
  • Includes practice planning, breathing techniques and yoga philosophy (Yoga Sutra)
  • 60 hours/7 days supplemented by online learning and video material
  • Introductory Day on Sun 2 Sep + 2 weekends: 5th – 7th October & 16th – 18th November
  • £625 (Earlybird £595 before 31 July 2018)


How do I book or find out more?

For more information call Lisa on 07960 702576 or email via the link below.

“I am so loving this: it is deepening my understanding of exactly what gifts yoga practice can / does bring to my life. The philosophy is fascinating and seriously useful, and Lisa is a wonderfully clear and encouraging teacher. Xx” Serena Flynn, actor, November 2017


Summer 2018 Yoga Workshops

  1. Friday 29th June – WOMEN’S HEALTH & NUTRITION with Kate @ SDW 9.30am-1.00pm £35 includes lunch
  2. Wednesday 25th July – SUMMER WORKSHOP @ Oriel y Parc 9am-12pm £25
  3. Friday 27th July – SUMMER YOGA & NUTRITION with Kate @ SDW 9.30am-1.00pm £35 includes lunch
  4. Wednesday 8th August – AN INTRODUCTION TO AYURVEDA @ Oriel Y 9am-12pm £25
  5. Wednesday 27th August – WOMEN’S HEALTH @ Oriel Y Parc 9am-12pm £25
  6. Friday 21st September – AUTUMN YOGA & NUTRITION with Kate @ SDW 9.30am-1.00pm £35 includes lunch

Please message Lisa for further information




Thanks for yesterday.  Just for the record – wow – my hips have been immediately liberated by the new moves.  Thanks.  I’m telling you now as I will have adapted by the next time I see you!